Water Therapy Massage

Unique to Buhl Mansion Spa – the ultimate therapeutic indulgence.

Swedish relaxing massage performed under the mesmerizing waterfall of a Vichy shower to relax your mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy oils make the transformation even more complete as the sense of smell creates synergy with other treatment elements.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
50 minutes – $120 / 80 minutes – $180

Feel the energy of the 250 million-year-old mineral salt.

A full body massage using these warm salt crystal stones soothes away stress and tension, and promotes an increased sense of well-being. The salts improve the body’s balance of both your nervous system and electromagnetic field from the use of electronic devices.

Hot Bamboo Massage

The ultimate deep penetration for muscular injuries and other deep-tissue issues.

Hollow bamboo canes are heated and applied to this full-body massage in order to release muscle tension and stress, increase circulation and create a deep sense of well-being.

Hot Lava Stone Massage
50 minutes – $120 / 80 minutes – $180

Used for thousands of years to relieve stress and chronic pain, and promote healing.

Enjoy the ancient healing art of stone massage as we combine Swedish massage techniques and warm lava stones to relax the body at its deepest level and increase blood flow. Promotes a harmonizing and cleansing effect, healing, and a positive energy flow.

Intense Muscle Massage
50 minutes – $120 / 80 minutes – $180

Designed for the fitness minded or those with deep muscle pain.

This sport massage releases deeply held muscle tensions and stress. This is the perfect ending to a long workweek or tough day.

Aromatherapy Massage*
50 minutes – $110 / 80 minutes – $170

Close your eyes, relax, and bid stress farewell.

Your therapist rhythmically applies proven-effective Swedish massage techniques combined with aromatherapy to help you de-stress, unwind, and achieve a deep sense of wellness. Your circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly alleviated.

Swedish Massage
50 minutes – $100 / 80 minutes – $150

Release everyday stress and tension with this most familiar of all massage techniques.

This gentle, full-body massage induces relaxation, rejuvenation and increases your body’s circulation.

Intense Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage
25 minutes – $85

For those pressed for time in need of deep tissue relief.

This sport massage releases deeply held muscle tensions and stress in the upper body in the areas most often affected.

Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage
25 minutes – $75

Perfect for a little bit of R&R.

Focused entirely on relieving tension of commonly over stressed areas. A variety of techniques send you away renewed.

25 minutes – $75

This technique improves circulation and releases energy throughout your entire body.

Be energized by this ancient massage treatment that uses pressure points of the feet that correspond to specific parts of your body to release tension.

Cranial Therapy
25 minutes – $75

Soothes pain and releases both emotional and physical stress and tension.

This specialized massage applies gentle non-invasive pressure to the soft tissue of the skull. Stimulates circulation, eases tension, promotes calm.

Prenatal Massage
50 minutes – $150

Designed to relax and relieve the pregnant woman’s body.

In this time of additional physical stress on the mother-to-be, it is crucial to rejuvenate and restore the mother as well as promote circulation for the well-being of the baby. A prenatal micro-emulsified cream is applied to prevent stretchmarks and to strengthen the skin’s elasticity.

Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy Massage Oils
50 minutes ~ $10 / 80 minutes ~ $15
Can be added to any massage.

  • Serenity (Lavender): Alleviates stress & promotes relaxation
  • Recovery (Eucalyptus, Cinnamon): Warming and anti-inflammatory, delivers stimulating and healing benefits.
  • Vitality (Rosemary, Grapefruit): Energizing and revitalizing, uplifts the spirit, stimulates alertness.


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